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Since when was July like November?

Where exactly has the summer gone? I look outside now and it looks more like November than July, it's cold and windy and rainy and I have to spend 45 minutes walking to work in it -_-;; Not good... I'm not sure if we even have a working umbrella around the house (*I knew I should of bought one*)
I just wanted to stay in bed, I don't feel like getting up when the weather is like this ;_; I'm tired....

Dude I had a weird dream too, something about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles XD They were trying to follow some guys in this strange tonerment and for some odd reason to not get caught Leo turned himself into some....weird...looking thing(*Henge no Jutsu?*) I dunno, he looked like some kind of garden onerment then some guy throws a cigareete in him O_o; Er...yeah then Leo changes back and the dude is all like "Argh! I'm never smoking pot again!" and runs off. Then leo is all drugged up and doesn't know what he's doing XD The other's are playing some sort of doubles tennis and notice Leo who after doing various things just collapses to the ground.

Anyway they manage to chase off after these guys they're after, meanwhile Splinter is trying to reverse some Mutant agent in the water of a small shallow river, he ends up getting attacked by something while in the sewers but Kabuto from Naruto saves him O_o Yeah that he does and he slices off the fingers of these people attacking splinter with this thin yet strong wire then acctidently cuts his own but then he's all like "It's okay" and somehow regrows them back and he's all like "It is a technique that's been passsed down in my family" Ooooookay....

Then I'm suddenly in what at first seems to be a ferris wheel, or what I thought was a ferris wheel, with someone else who's sat beside me and that Casey Jones from TMNT who's sat across from me, we're talking seriously about something then the cart starts moving but it moves really fast, turns out we're on some fast train and Casey is all like "Er....isn't this going a bit TOO fast?"
We pass another railway where two trains collide, luckily somehow ours stops and we get out.

Now me and this un-named other person need to get somewhere and we need to reach a train but we have to run through all these train tracks doding trains and trams X3 We reach the train and it's covered in snow. There stands Dr. Ramano from ER (*Yeah I know he's dead*) and Dr. Coday from the same show (*Dunno how they got in my dream*) Ramano is as much of an ASS in my dream as he was in the show XD We want to get on the train but he won't let us and points out the snow so the person I'm with writes something in the snow that's on the side of the train and I add "XD" under it. Then Ramano tells us it doesn't matter as he and Corday are going to spain with some little girl (*She looks about 13*) so me and this other person follow Ramano to his house in spain and we try and get some walking stick off him cos we say he doesn't need it but he doesn't want us to have it. then the little girl is all like "I want to go home" then some people arrive, then some kids arrive and Corday lets them in....then the dream ends there...

Yes...that was definintly one of the weirdest dreams I've had O_O

I best go and have a quick shower now and get ready to brave the wind and rain -_-;;
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