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You know you need help when....

....you spend 15 or so minutes drawing a crappy chibi Ash X Bakura picture cos you think the idea is funny O_o;

http://www.deviantart.com/view/8699979/ - FEAR my randomness!
And FEAR the adorable Shounen-Ai Chibiness....

In other news some shoplifter tried to steal two bottles of Malibu from work today and he managed to get the security caps off them too O_o; Eeeps! I have a feeling they weren't on proparly anyway...for I found another on the aisle which was loose and we could get it off pretty easilly ^^;

Also I actually managed to start writing a fanfic today, GO ME!
Though the begining is confusing and I like it that way.
Yugi angst is hard to write XD

Yes I'll shut up and go to bed now....
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