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Haha, gosh, my neighbour just scared the hell outta me XD I just heard this loud banging noise and it almost sounded like someone was trying to kick my back door in. So I went to check what the noise was and it's my neighbour doing something to his wheelie bin in his backyard XD My dad had left the spare room's window open a tad bit, so it sounded louder than it would of done if it was closed. Granted my neighbour is always banging about with something, he seems to like to do handywork, and it always sounds like it's coming from inside OUR house XD

I'm feeling a bit better with this cold now, I'm in less pain at least!! But it's once again found it's way into my chest slightly, blah. It was worse this morning but not too bad now XD

Now I need to get some food and maybe actually do a bit of housework stuffs, I need to do some laundry and put stuff in the dishwasher since it's pretty obvious my dad has left them there for me to do, haha.
Tags: cold, oh my life
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