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Wow! An Update! With a Question and a Drawing!

So, I haven't updated much lately, huh? I've not really had much to say!

Work's been throwing overtime at me for this month, so I've been taking it. At current with the ones I've said I'll do, I'm working 23 and a half extra hours, which, if I avoid spending too much these next few months, will go towards the hotel for October Expo!
Good thing is, I've got a few things to sell on pkmncollectors (The spare Pokedolls mostly!) so the money from that will fund what I want to buy Pokémon wise and make it so I don't touch what I have in the bank. I'm hoping I don't spend all that money at once! XD

Thing is, I've been putting off the sales post because I've been making sure to read up a whole lot on receiving payments through paypal and such (I'm not one of these people who can just jump straight in at the deep end!) and I've been wondering... I know I have a personal paypal account at current and apparently those accounts can only receive a "limited amount" of credit and debit card payments (Upon looking on sites that WEREN'T paypal itself, this limit appears to be 5 that you can receive in one year.) Though in some other cases I've read of people being forced to change to a Premier account to accept such payments, not sure if something changed down the line or not.
I don't really plan to be selling much really on the community, but thing is, I've been wondering what I should do with this. Should I just not accept CC/DC payments? Should I upgrade to a premier account anyway to avoid being a pain and saying I don't accept CC/DC?
I'm really new to this whole selling on the internet thing, so I really don't know what to expect or what's the best to do! ^^; I just want to make sure I understand and do everything right.
Any advice on this is highly appreciated as it's been kinda bugging me XD; These are probably very stupid questions and I'm probably being very overlly cautious buuut... ^^;

I've been doodling some characters of mine recently. I really wish I could think of something more to do with them, but I can never think of anything that keeps my interest or what's unique.
Though I've found with one of them has changed quite a bit in her general design, especially recently:
Petra-August was a character I made up back in September 2006, I've doodled her on and off since then, but recently made the decision to add some hair on her head as I thought to myself "I wonder if she keeps a head full of hair underneath that hat" XD So I doodled her a bit with longer hair, but finally decided to have her with shorter hair as seen in the new drawing of her, it really suits her too :3 I've found that her eyes have gotten a lot bigger over the last few years too XD
I really should make some full colour pictures of her and the other 3 characters I have that I've coupled her with.
To be honest I should do full colour pictures of anything, period. I need to stop lacking with that >/ Though I signed up for the art exchange on poke_arts and got a really cute request, so I should hopefully get that done at some point this month :3

Anything else I should talk about? Oh... I heard we're apparently getting a basket till again at work ¬¬; This does not make a happy Togepi as I know I'll end up on it a lot. Hate basket tills so damn much.
I should... really start doing click backs on GPX+ now ^^;


Also, my god, they're releasing merchandise for all of Arceus' forms XD I'm glad I don't collect him cos... wow! XD Though it's really very awesome as well :3 It's tempting to just get them all and make an ARCEUS RAINBOW.
...I kinda like the Arceus that's got the most purple colouring to him. Not sure which plate that is, but it looks awesome.
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