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London Expo 2009 Con Report (With pictures and videos!)



Friday are pictures from our outing in London, Saturday and Sunday are from the convention and the few photos in the main gallery are just from Monday before we left.

Also a couple of Youtube videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk39jc_YAVo - Tony speaks into a microphone belonging to a Dalek
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJTAq5o7doM - This Maes Huges cosplayer is always so awesome XD Apaprently they did something similar to this later in the day and security caught them. Hughes almost lost his flag as they wouldn't let him have it back D: He got it back eventually though.

So I guess I should do a con report huh? XD I'll say this, it was a real interesting experience and I'm glad I met so many awesome people, especially the people I've seen on Tony's videos or commenting on his MySpace blogs, they were a laugh to hang about with and really nice people!
Travelling on the underground was... interesting too XD; Despite being to London twice before, I actually had never been on the underground. When I spent a short break there with my friend Helen many years ago, I refused to go on it and it was just about as crowded as I had imagined it, I was literally holding onto the bars for dear life, I'm not a fan of being in small enclosed places with a huge TON of people, but I managed it!

I liked the DLR train more, Tony suggested we sit at the front of the train and it was awesome, it was like being on a really tame rollercoaster because you could see the track out in front of you! We passed by the Millennium Done... or O2 Arena I think it's called now and I was oooh-ing and aaah-ing at everything! Even the low flying planes! (The Premier Travel Inn was very near to an Airport I believe so it was fun to see planes flying REALLY low)

Anyway we got to the hotel and there were loads of cosplayers outside and inside! Every time we turned around there was someone shouting Tony's name haha XD I met some of his friends here and some of them told me they'd been looking forward to meeting me, I felt so honoured! XD;
We weren't at the hotel long as a bunch of us headed out towards London, though our group ended up breaking up a bit as we needed to wait for Michelle who Tony epically forgot to call to tell her we were leaving XD Once Michelle had arrived, our remaining group headed into London to the Forbidden Planet store, we went to China Town where I bought snacks, then we went to McDonalds for something to eat! After this we headed to Namco, where the Arcades are :D It's right near The London Eye, so I got some nice photos of it!

At the Arcades we had fun playing on some of the games, Tony remained undefeated in Air Hockey and we even went on some dodgems! I haven't been on Dodgems for AGES! So much fun XD
After the Arcades, we decided to head back to the hotel, the numbers of our group had shot back up again by this time since we re-met up with some others. Heading back we couldn't use the DLR train though, since it closed down for the weekend :/ In the end we had to take the replacement bus back to the hotel.

Monday morning we got up WAY early, though I didn't mind since I don't remember sleeping much, if at all, anyway. After getting ready and getting into my Pichu cosplay, we headed down to the ExCel where we met up with the others who had gone ahead of us and we just hung out there. Then they kept moving us about, someone couldn't decide where we were queuing it seemed! XD After a while we were let into another part of the building, we waited there, then we were let into the actual event. First thing we did was get masquerade tickets :3 We walked around, I bought some Pokemon stuffs and it was just generally awesome. Waiting in the Masquerade queue was tiring though. Most of the organizers didn't seem to know what was going on XD; We waited ages, but we got close to the front, on both days actually, so that was gooood~
I got so many random hugs as Pichu on Saturday XD Everyone was like, "I have to hug the Pichu!!"

Sunday we got up early and went to the event to queue early again, I did sleep better the night before thankfully. Once again after being let in we got our Masquerade tickets first, had another wander around. Tony joined the line to see his namesake Tony Curtis so he could give him a birthday card, but since it was taking a while he asked me to go to the front of the building and wait for some of the other members of the TeamCrazyTrain collaborative Youtube channel that Tony is also part of. I waited outside for a while as I didn't know if we were meeting inside or outside, but I soon found Nomi and Michelle inside the building. Soon enough Tony turned up and after hanging out waiting for Corrina, another member (Who was unfortunately too busy to turn up as she was working at the con) and having some food, we went back into the main part of the convention. Tony soon left us to go and watch Tony Curtis' talk (Which I think ended up cancelled anyway) but while doing that I went around the convention with Nomi, Michelle and a guy who's name I can unfortunately not remember, so I shall call him hat guy as he wore a hat! He and Michelle left us after a while, so I helped Nomi do some shopping for some of her friends XD We soon found Tony waiting outside the main part of the convention and Nomi left us to get some money for something she wanted inside.
We did some more hanging out with everyone, then we joined the Masquerade queue, got moved around again, waited ages and eventually went in.

After the Masquerade ended we all went back to the hotel, then went out for food.
Then it was pretty much a lot of hanging out and some of us went to one of the other hotels with one of our friends Chris, since he was staying in that hotel and had heard they'd been a fire drill, luckily it was a prank. His hotel room was awesome though! XD

Eventually in the end, a few of us stayed up talking outside for Tony's videos until 2am XD That was a lot of fun! There were still a lot of people hanging around too, no one wanted to go to sleep and there were quite a few drunk antics from others that night.
I didn't want to get up the next morning XD But we got packed up and went downstairs where we hung out with some of the others. We ended up leaving around 11:15am I think? A few of us travelled on the replacement bus service to canning town I think it was? But we found the part of the underground we needed was ALSO closed, so we had to catch another replacement bus to Stratford, then get the underground from there.

Luckily we got the Kings Cross Station in time, we hung around and said bye to each other as we left one by one as trains arrived, then we had to leave to catch our train to Retford. One the way back on the train I caught both Azelf and Uxie on my Platinum game O_O I was surprised about that! XD

And then we got home to Worksop and back to boring regular life D:

Anyways, I've decided I will be going back in October for the October Expo, chances are I won't be going the year after since Amecon is running next year and I'll definitely be going to that :3 I have my hotel booked for the October Expo, despite how expensive it is ;o; Both Tony and I checked online, but it's the same price on there, it's more expensive in October for some reason Oo; Tony looked at the hotel our friend Chris stayed at, and it did turn out roughly £60 cheaper, but going for that would mean I'd be in a hotel on the other side of the Expo from the Premier Travel Inn and half the fun of the expo was hanging out with everyone else in the lobby and such. To be honest I'd love to be able to do that again and without the worry of having to go back to my hotel in the dark and inconvenience people to walk me back so I don't go back on my own. So as I told Tony, being able to spend time hanging out with him and the others at the hotel lobby at the end of the day is totally worth the extra £60. All I need to do is just make sure not to overspend on things.

Haaa, such a text wall and I'm sure I've missed out a ton of things but, that was the weekend!! XD I've spent some of today just adding people to dA and the facebook I apparently signed up for and forgot about and only re-discovered last night! XD I still need to add peeps to MySpace too.

...my dad likes the Choco-Banana flavoured Pocky I bought XD Must remember to buy more in October! (Choco-Banana flavour is really nice though 8D)

Anyway hope you enjoyed this entry!!
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