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Back from Expo! Well I have been for a while buuut... XD

Anyway, too tired and feeling sick to give a real blog about stuffs at the moment, I'm going to bed soon to catch up on sleep! But It was a really awesome weekend and I met a LOT of awesome people ^^

Photos and stuff will be tomorrow, but for now I'll at least show you what I bought.


Not that much surprisingly! Regigigas and Mamoswine UFO's, Landmin and Skymin clipping figures, three random kids figures (Barbroach plus a clear Pinsir and clear Dusclops) and Pocky to snack on!

Also when I came home, I found a large package on my bed which contained~


Just before I went to London, I BIN'd this lot on eBay as I wanted the Togepi Pokédoll that really doesn't show up much on eBay at all. The lot was only £45 and I didn't have any of the plush at all, though I AM toying with the idea of selling some of these, I'm not sure yet. I know for a fact I'm definitely keeping Lucario and Togepi. I'm tempted to keep Celebi too as she's adorable XD The others I'm not as bothered about keeping as such, they're still all super cute though! XD
All of them are in REALLY good condition, other than a bit of pet hair on a few of them XD Celebi has a small mark on one side of her head, but it looks like it'd easily come off with a damp cloth of some kind. They have no paper tags, but all have their tush tags with is awesome :3

Oookay, I need sleep.
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