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Off To London I Go~

So not too long now and I'll be heading off to London for the London Expo, I think I'm packed now! XD If I've forgotten anything it's tough luck really, but I seem to have essentials and crap.
Gwah, one small travel suitcase thing and TWO BAGS. My backpack and my regular bag :< The backpack is mostly just carrying non-essentials mostly. Like snacks and drinks I carry around with me, also some water and plastic tumblers in case I get a headache and need to take some Paracetamol. Regular bag has my regular things plus PLUSHIES! I'm glad Mimi and Skye (Gizamimi Pichu and Canvas Drifloon plush) fitted in there! XD

My backpack will probably come in handy for carrying back whatever crap I buy at the expo ;D

Could of done without my dad's "what to do if there's a terrorist attack" talk this morning though, when I gave him all the info he wanted :/ I know he's worried, but it didn't really help.

Oh I made sure to kick the crap out of the Sunyshore gym in Platinum before the Expo and I transferred over 6 of my LV 100 shinies, so I can do LV 100 battles or roughly around LV 50 battles (As my team in Platinum are about LVs 53 - 54.)

Aaaand I think that's it!
I hope everyone who has a con this weekend has a great time! (Seems to be quite a few going on this weekend XD)

I shall bring back lotsa photos!
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