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Dude! It's like Evangelion only with Kouichi as the main Character! X3

So I was randomly visiting splash's journal when I saw her mention some anime which apparently was a hell of a lot like Evangelion, seeing as I enjoyed Evangelion I thought to myself it wouldn't be a bad show to check out PLUS one of the main characters looks like Kouichi from Digimon Frontier X_x; So my brain works out an equation like this:

Evangelion like anime + Kouichi looking main character = Me must watch!!!

So I downloaded it and just watched it...
...I will admit, it is a LOT like Evangelion, in a way it's almost like watching the same show *falls over*

It starts off in a VERY evangelion like way....big giant mecha, a teenage kid controlling it, strange looking floating being attacking him...Geez! O_O

Okay so this my friends is our Kouichi looking kid... I think his name is Kazuki or something close to that XD He looks like an older Kouichi with brown eyes *lol* I am amused, very amused!

This takes place not in a city but in a large peaceful looking town overlooking the sea.

Once everyone starts to sense something is wrong we cut to a control center *cough*NERV*cough*

Anyway this is the thing that's causing all the panic, a big golden glowy thing *cough*Angel*cough* It also seems to have a shield thing protecting it *Forgets what those were called in Evangelion since she hasn't watched it for a while*

When the town goes all on alert these big metal shield things pop up which remind me a lot of Tokyo 3 for some bizarre reason.

Okay so the guy who SEEMS to be in command of the control center is a guy with a beard and glasses *Cough*Commander Ikari*cough* He also seems to have a son but to me he looks like a girl at first XD

That's his son *Points above* Unfortunatly he's not like a cowardly Shinji like character at all but oh well *shrugs*

So this Kouichi look a like character, Kazuki, gets in this mecha thing and has to put his fingers in this jelly like stuff to control it I guess then these metal things clamp onto his legs and stuff making him scream! Hahahahaha!

Then it ends where the episode started off, with him just getting into battle with the shiney gold floating thing.
Oh and just for fun here's an image from the ending video:

Talk about being in severe emotional pain O_o;
Plus there seem to be three pilots (*Like Evangelion*) except there are two boys and a girl instead of two girls and a boy, which incude The girly guy, Kazuki the Kouichi lookalike and what seems to be the annoying girl who appeared in this episode who I chose to ignore and not mention, plus they get funky Evangelion like costumes.
Dude! Who was the Eva nut who made this? O_o;

Other than the extreme likeness to Eva it still was intresting for a show I understood very little of being in Raw Japanese, so I'm getting the second episode now, I'll have to watch it sometime tomorrow though. I'm looking forward to more Eva like storylines and the Kouichi looking character X3

Oh for anyone intrested it's called Soukyuu no Fafner - Dead Aggressor (*Fafner seemed to be what they were calling the Mecha....not sure though*)
Oh well I'll let you all know what episode 2 is like...not like anyone cares but y'know me, I love to rant randomly on anime! YAY!

Right, I should go to bed soon, I have to make sure to be up before 10am since I'll be going over to Helen's house ^^ Then we'll be going into town! YAY!

EDIT: Had to include this!

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Hey HPdigipokefan gets to be my daddy XD Hehehehe!
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