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Pichu Pichu

It's my friends birthday today, going over to her house soon.
Kinda wish it would stop raining though.

Mum brought around the dyed trousers today, they went a really dark yellow, much more darker than my top which is basiclly Pichu coloured :S Kinda looks like I'm half Notched-ear Pichu and half Pikachu-coloured Pichu, buut unless I magically find some trousers or a skirt that's roughly the same colour of the top, the darker trousers will have to do for the expo :/ After that I'll have to find another pair of white trousers and see if a white dye exists in the place we got the yellow dye, then experiment maybe mixing the yellow with the white to make it a lighter yellow? Hm...

Made the Grepa berries today though, 50 of them in all.

Things left to do:

Put a tad bit more paint on one of the Pichu ears
Make the tail and see if I can stick it on somewhere
Clean my room
Finshing washing clothes, iron them, do packing ect.

I've been in such a "meh" mood lately too, kinda hoping that goes away.
Tags: cosplay, london expo, pichu
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