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Urgh, I've somehow had a pretty crappy day without even doing anything. Granted what I got up too automatically put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
So I just spent the entire day just...clicking Pokemon eggs.

Then while watching Pokémon Sunday (Where freshverse was buffering like hell ANYWAY) someone knocked on our door.
Yes... at JUST BEFORE GODDAMN MIDNIGHT and scared the god knows what out of me... considering it was roughly the same time a certain someone else came to our door at the beginning of the year and tried to kick it in ¬¬;
So I had to go downstairs to wake my dad up since he was asleep and didn't even hear the knocking, he looked out the window, saw it was a woman, so he answered the door.

She wanted a house down the street... most likely the very house that the drugged up guy mistook us for...

Okay... we've lived here for over 20 years, we've been mistake for another address further down the road loads of times, that's okay, but why are we getting mistook for THIS damn house NOW!? URGH! It makes me scared of what other people we're gonna keep getting at our door at god knows what time of the damn night!! Just glad this woman was calm and didn't seem drugged up... but still...
Urgh, hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow -__- Glad it's the last day of work for a while at least...
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