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It's all go!!

Haaa, work is finally over for the next few days but these next few weeks are going to be so busy!! It's like everything happening at once X_X

The charity shop is having a refit so they needed people to volunteer to help a bit extra to get things sorted out, so I'm doing that tomorrow and Wednesday, I also have the dentist on Wednesday morning too! I need to find a b-day present for my friend, luckily my mum is off work this week so we're gonna go to Meadowhall on Thursday.
My friend said she was having a barbeque on Saturday for her birthday, so I'll probably be going to that, not sure if she wants to do anything Monday next week which is her actual birthday.
I also need to do a ton of washing, sort out the last bits of the Pichu costume (Just got the trousers to dye, belt to buy and possibly paint yellow and the tail to make.) And lets not forget figuring out what I need to take and packing!!
Oh and cleaning my room a little too :x

It'll all come together in the end hopefully! XD;
Tags: cosplay, london expo, pichu
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