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Urgh, I missed a parcel yesterday and I was gonna get it today but I somehow ended up sleeping through my alarm! So I woke up at exactly 10am, damn. Never mind, I'll go get it tomorrow instead. Not sure if my fuzzy Raichu was the parcel, or if it was Canvas Happiny, or if it was both. But the parcel came in the regular mail rather than the parcel mail and I'd think Raichu would be a bit too big to come in the regular mail :S Ah well, if Raichu hasn't come yet and doesn't come today, if it comes tomorrow at least my dad is in to accept it while I'm out at the post office~ XD

Haha, I see the Gold and Silver remakes were officially announced while I was sleeping XD Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Funny names, but I look forward to them :3 They're going straight to the DS so they're gonna look pretty fantastic! It'll be nice to play those games again.
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