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Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone!! ^^

Went over to my mum's earlier to try and sort out the black bits on the Pichu outfit and... it didn't go so well XD The material (Taken from two black shirts I wasn't using) was fraying and attempts to fold over the corners kinda failed. My mum said she's gonna try and get some felt on Tuesday if the fabric store here has it and we'll try with that. She said she might try more with the other material first if she has the time.
I just hope we can get this done by the expo @_@ I'm gonna go searching for some white or yellow trousers on Tuesday.

But anyway, I came home and open up my e-mail to find that two things I bought from eBay have been shipped today!! My fuzzy DX Raichu and a canvas Happiny! <3 Best news ever.

Haa, the charity shop is having a re-fit over this month! Hopefully this will make the shop look so much more better than it does now. We're having a wooden floor put in, which will look miles better than the really old and horrid carpet the shop has in now.

I really wish I had cake right now D: I think... I just might go and buy myself a chocolate cake XD;
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