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So, my original idea for the black neck fur for my Pichu outfit didn't go so good, so tomorrow I'm gonna be taking around the yellow shirt, some other black material and Mimi the Gizamimi Pichu plush, to my mum's house so she can help me with sewing the damn black bit on! XD (Taking Mimi for reference!) Hopefully once we have that sorted out, the rest will fall into place. Might search around for some yellow/white trousers in town next week.

Haa, it's my birthday tomorrow too, I'm gonna be 26 XD I'm so old! Luckily I booked tomorrow off work, so I don't have to go back to work until Thursday~ Got birthday monies from my mum, but that's all going towards what I owe Tony for London XD

So close to the expo now! I'm really excited about it!! X3
Tags: birthday, cosplay, london expo, pichu
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