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Giiizamimi Piiichu~

So I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to cosplay a Pichu for the up and coming London Expo. I WAS all but ready to give up on cosplaying at all until I went out yesterday. Tony and I went to Hobbycraft and I found some thin foam perfect for making the Pichu ears out of! The foam was sticky-backed so that was quite handy. I bought a small headband too to stick the ears onto. Well I just started making the ears and they look really awesome and they're study enough to stay up-right too! YAY HAPPY! The ears, when you look at them close, are a liiiitle lop-sided with where the corners are, but in general it's not really noticeable I think. You can tell they're Pichu ears and that's all that matters!

But I decided not to go as just ANY Pichu, I'm gonna go as the Gizamimi Pichu! :D I actually just ordered the smaller Gizamimi Pichu plush off ebay so I can carry it around with me. I've really been spending a LOT this month buuut the seller of the item is going away early May so I decided to get it now just to guarantee it'll be here with me by May :3

The hardest part will be finding yellow (Or white so I can dye them yellow) top and trousers! I always have problems finding the right clothes for an outfit! After I have those the rest should be fairly easy. Might have to go into town on Saturday and take a look around the charity shops to see if I can find anything.
I also need some pink face paint for the cheeks.

Lets see if I can actually get this done in four weeks.

Platinum wise, I'm currently in Floraorma Town, ready to head into Eterna Forest. I got the secret key event last night as soon as I could, I also got the flower that turns Shaymin into Skymin :D My current team is:

Turtwig (Jack)
Monferno (Taffy)
Piplup (Atlas)
Pichu (Surge)
Togepi (Toby)
Riolu (Bandit)

All of them are around LVs 14-15 right now.
Also I'm sure my Togepi is evil, as we all know Togepi's are ;D
It used "Dark Void" against a trainers low level Bidoof, then later it chose fling and... flung it's soothe bell ><; It's a good thing I actually have a couple more Soothe Bells.
...least is wasn't a lucky egg I guess? XD
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