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Pokémon Platinum and 5D's 55

Guess who got Pokémon Platinuuuum :D Haha, I'm really glad I asked if they had it in, as apparently they had just sold the last one but were getting more in within the next 10 minutes or so. So Tony and I went down to the Sheffield Space Center, came back about 15 or so minutes later and the guy in the shop was just going through the box of stuff :D

Gonna start playing on it after I've finished writing this 8D


Oh god the sparkly Kiryu death scene where Yuusei was holding him... geez, turn the gay down a little boys XD But still, the ending was so sad, poor Kiryu ;o;
Haaa, the preview had Rudger holding a photo of what seems to be himself, a young Rex and Dr. Fudou :D Hee! Awesome 8D

Oh also:

Egg spam :3
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