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Clicky on my eggs~! If you do though and have some of your own, leave a link and I'll go click yours! Seems like they had to get rid of the click list to stop the site from being slow!
Also, even though I promised myself I'd never abandon a Pokémon egg, I ended up abandoning Buneary, because there's an event today and I wanna try my luck at getting an event egg! XD

Went to the Shaymin event on Saturday! Just like everyone elses, there was nothing really special there, just download your Shaymin and go XD At least the staff were nice at the GAME we went to :3 Some guy who was also there for the event asked for a battle, but I left my shiny team at home on my Pearl game (I only brought Diamond with me!)
My Shaymin is Adamant natured XD It's so cuute!
You can see some of our Pokemon event adventures on Tony's youtube, or my own (Which just has the other side of the battling we did on the train home! XD
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