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Yesterday's Happenings


So yesterday was kinda interesting. Some customer at the charity shop tried to give me a fake £20 note, hahaha. We've been getting quite a wave of these fake notes where I live so I've been making sure, both at the charity shop and work, to check the notes. Though somehow, even though I would of checked the note anyway, I got this really bad vibe from this guy and that made me think "definitely check this note", it's like I kinda... KNEW he was gonna give me a fake one. Weird XD
But yeah, he tried to play innocent with it, pretending he didn't know, but he would of known it was fake :/

Also when I was walking home, the area I live in had a lot of cops about O_o; They seemed to be searching for things and looking around. One was taking photos right outside my house (Though not taking photos of my house, more the garages beside where I live). Dunno what happened, maybe it'll be in the local paper on Friday.

I was just checking Bulbanews and apparently Pokémon USA and Pokémon UK are merging under the name "The Pokémon Company International". I really hope this means awesome things :D

Oh, managed to get new batteries for my camera too! So I'll be able to take photos of the Shaymin event... if there's anything there worth taking photos OF XD Talking of that, I activated the Mystery Gift option on Diamond and FINALLY got my DS Lite connected to my wi-fi! XD I've been meaning to do that for ages.
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