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I finally found a Togepi egg! It took SO much refreshing in the shelter! But I got one! X3

Silly egg thing aside (Which... has had quite a lot of my attention this entire weekend), work was... meeeh, lotsa screaming children .__. Other than that it was okay and I actually manged to get a locker today! I saw it when I came into work and snagged it... and kept it :| I'm gonna pay for it on Friday so I can keep that locker for as long as I work there :D
I have already given the key a Pikachu charm 8D

I also just bought Shellos plushies :D; Ahh, I've been wanting them for a while now and every time I see someone post a picture of them I'm all "socutomgWANT" so I just got them. I swear it's the way they tend to look up in every picture with eyes begging you to buy them and take them home, so cute ;o; Granted I like the blue one more than the pink one, but they're a pair and you just can't get one without the other <3 Such cuties!

And with that, I think it's time for me to sleep! If anyone clicks on my eggs and feeds my Pichu, I'll try and return favours when I get up |3
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