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He won it on a FLUKE!

Whooooo! Beyblade G-Rev is showing on cartoon network every weekend which gives me another thing to watch in a morning before work! YAY! Rei and Max ditches Tyson XD Hahaha! Funny! And then he was all like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
I hope Kai makes an apperance soon and with it showing at 8:30 on Sundays I shouldn't miss an episode....hopefully, unless they show a new episode saturday too, then I'm screwed, I'd forget about it.

And in Pokémon Ash freeloaded a badge again and just when he was actually WORKING for them...I mean for the first badge he had to put Pikachu through some intense training to learn Iron Tail THEN he had to put ALL his Pokémon through intense training to defeat Brawley... then he wins his 3rd badge on a FLUKE! A FLUKE! He only wins cos the electricity from a robo Raikou super charged Pikachu so it could KO all three of Wattson's Pokémon with one attack one after another....geez! Then at the end of the episode he does try and be the humble guy and give it back but nooooo, Wattson is all like "Keep it cos your Pikachu helped resuce all the Pokémon at the abandoned power plant from Team Rocket!"
Some Gym Leader....
The Electrike was cute though X3

No new episode next week though so I guess I gain one series and lose another BUT the episode "Address Unown" is playing next Sunday! BEST EPISODE EVER! Or should I say most trippy episode ever...Larvitar is screwed up XD But it's also a sad episode I remember feeling like I wanted to cry when Ash and co are seeing it's memories when it was taken away from it's mother and it's shouting "Mummy!" ;_; I need to tape it and write an episode guide for it. I already have screenshots of it so that's one less job XD

Wheee! I managed to read volume 2 of Fruits Basket last night! Fun! Fun! Too bad Akito isn't gonna make any real appearnce until volume 4, but if I remember volume 4 is out in August so I can wait ^^
Oh read Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 5 the other day too, sooooo Yugi is aware there is another "him" now huh? Pretty neat the way he freaked out about it and the first time he trusts this "other him" does he remeber everything that went on! SWEET!
But honestly, if I was to start rambling about how I thought there was "Another me" I would of ended up straight in the nut house... XD

Oh well I think I'll go eat and listen to my MP3 player now.

Your Hagaren Storyline (Girl version!) by hitokiri_ninie
People Involved in your Storyline:You helped Lust in her plan to turn Al into a parkbench
Your Alchemist Name:Purple Rain Alchemist
Your Date of Birth:November 12, 1881
What are you Using:Bad Coffee
Your Military Rank:Shosa — Major
Your Storyline:You grew up in Rizenbull. You were Ed, Al and Winry's childhood friend but you moved. You finally meets them again in Roy's office. You're a state alchemist and now you are traveling with them! -the end-
Your Importence in the Real hagaren Storyline:: 63%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Hahahaha! I'm gonna turn Al into a Parkbench X3 Muwhahahahahaha!
Purple Rain Alchemist? That's neat! I like that title!
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