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Little bit of this and that

Dear Royal Mail - It would be nice if you shoved the "Sorry you were out, we have a parcel for you" notice through the right letterbox and not two doors up from where I live :/

I'm glad my neighbour brought it round just now. It'll most likely be my Riolu and Pachirisu Pokédolls~ (Either that or one of the other things I'm expecting which I don't know the full status of) But either way, I can't pick them up until Saturday D:

Work was busy today, expecting tomorrow to be mental too, darn Easter.
Walked to work thinking the weather would be okay, but I got rained on and I forgot to take an umbrella. Ended up being a tad late for my shift because I had to brush through my hair and then search around for a non-existent free locker which of course was non-existent still.... arch that's kinda pissing me off a little, I wish they'd DO something with the problem with the lockers and force people to give the keys up that they AREN'T supposed to keep :/

Nothing much more going on really. The cold is on it's way out, I'm still a bit stuffy and it's still a bit in my chest, but not as much now at all, so yay!

I forgot I was off work on Sunday! Haha XD Awesome, a whole free weekend to do nothing at all \o/ Then my shift on Monday is earlier since we close earlier that day, so no staying until 10pm! Then next Saturday is Shaymin day! :3 Seems like I'll only be getting one Shaymin as they've been telling people not to use US copies as it might "wipe the game". Granted I don't think it will and it's really just them covering themselves in case something DOES happen after the Shaymin is transferred to a foreign copy of the game, buuut it's not something I wanna risk with my Pearl game, since it's my main game at the moment. So I'm just gonna take my UK version of Diamond. I need to make sure I've activated the mystery gift option on it /o/ Heeee~

Aaand I think that really is everything!
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