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Gwah, I woke up with my throat feeling icky today, this best not be a cold D:
Also the birds we have nesting in our loft sometimes freak me out at night. I'll be going to sleep then all of a sudden I'll hear these shuffling or tapping/rattling noises and it honestly sounds like it's coming from my room (In the corner where I keep the majority of my Pokemon stuff) and I'm all "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT".
But after a while of sitting up and listening, I realized that it was coming more from above so it had to be the sparrows.

I watched Pokémoooon :D Twas the Snover and Piplup episodes. Snover was really really cute and kept... feeding people stuff off it's body. Grotle also got to be awesome! Also seems Piplup doesn't want to grow up into a big penguin and wants to stay a Piplup forevers.
New ending is SO CUTE! NOTCHED EAR PICHU VS SHINY PICHU, I need to find some pictures from it so I can make some icons |D
I joined the pkmncollectors chat to watch it with them too! I'd been meaning to check out the chat and it meant re-getting AIM, which I used to have years ago but barely ever used. I was surprised my old account still existed XD

I should really get something to eat and do some stuff in the house. Maybe I'll continue playing on Emerald at some point too. I'm at the 5th gym and Norman keeps kicking my ass D:
I still hate that there's no real good ways to train (when I've challenged every trainer in the area) other than through Pokémon encounters. This is why I like DPPt cos you can get the VS Seeker and totally spam the hell out of it for training :D I really hate this Match Call thing on Emerald D|
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