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I had a productive day! Wheeeeeeeee!

I think today I have had the most productive day ever... well productive as it can for me sitting on my ass at this computer all day but I got quite a few things done ^^ Answered all my e-mails this morning, downloaded FMA 38 Raw and finally managed to get Pokémon AG 83, updated my site (*Which I'm gonna do again in a minute since I made a Pokémon movies and special Page*), finally started the nominations on an awards thing we're doing at my message board which people have been reminding to do for months and months XD Plus I got one of my art requests done YAY!
Got all my art linked up on the personal art site I'm doing too, now just to make a front page, hummm, I do hope the page won't take too long to load for people though O_O
Man I'm tired now though...

But for now I must talk anime jibberish for the next hour or so complete with pictures XD

So Pokémon was about Team Aqua attacking some weather institute and of course features Castform who I can't look at without giggling like an imature schoolgirl, honestly I can't be the only one who looks at it and thinks "It's got breasts" XD; I'm so immature....

Oh and would you believe this episode had THE most convincing crossdresser EVER in the history of Pokémon? See the woman in the above picture with the ditto? She is really... *points to the picture below*

...this guy here...
No kidding! Seriously I would of thought they were totally different characters! Which in a way they were because he's in disguise as a woman who actually works there.
I wonder if this guy is Duplica's cousin or something...
Which would make an intresting storyline, that it would XD
His name is Bannai and I hope we see more of him X3 He rocks!

Also the Female Team Aqua leader I SWEAR I reconized her voice... something shouts "FMA" at me but I'm not sure...probably her voice just sounds like someone who plays a character in FMA *shrugs* I wouldn't mind knowing the female Aqua leader's Japanese VA though...

Now onto the new ending theme and video. I'm glad they've finally changed this, as much as I ADORE "Smile" and the video that went with it, they had that ending running for a looooong time, this new video....well....the video itself really is very summery, with a beach background and a photograph but the photograph is just clips of old episodes so nothing great there really, the song I think it one of those "It'll grow on you" kinda tunes, it's very up beat with a lot of "Go go lets go!" in it XD

Oh and I can't do a Pokémon episode rambling with my favoruite bit of the episode! Professor Oak's Pokémon Seminar...
...today, he got mugged by Ledyba XD

Still doesn't beat a few episodes ago when Celebi stole his mind and reduced him to a vegetable and I think in the last episode he was kidnapped by Raikou XD Poor poor Professor Oak...

Seems the next episode is the one where James "apparently" gets a new Pokémon...

Which is this one here! I keep forgetting it's name, I just call it "That thing that looks like one of those Japanese Wind Chimes" Awwww, look at him hug it! It makes him HAPPY! X3

And I still love the Team Aqua Outfits X3 Then again the Magma ones totally kick ass too XD I love Teams Aqua and Magma.

Okay now onto FMA, all I can say is that ed spent half the episode being pissy and the other half brooding over it XD With a bit of happiness at the end. The Alchemist "Fight" between Ed and Al was hillarious, they kept transmuting things to grab the other and eventually it ended with Al in a cage and Ed being held by a sculptures of hands XD Honestly it looked like he was a little cuddly plushie!

This is the last time I teach fangirls alchemy....

Oh almost forgot what happened in the begining! XD Silly Ed kicked a tractor they'd crashed into a wall and it blew up making his hair all afro like XD Kinda funny cos a few Pokémon episodes ago Team Rocket and the twerps were also sporting frizzy aphros, that was due to Pikachu though XD

I'm gonna KILL my stylist...

You best not be laughing at me....

Meanwhile Winry and that Sheska girl decide to listen in on one of Sloth's phone conversations and they learn she has contact with Envy, she then chases after Winry and Sheska as a big puddle of liquid and as she closes in on them her face appears in the liquid and Winry reconizes the face as that of Ed and Al's mother which makes Sloth stop dead in her tracks, the she dissapears when they're disturbed by two other military personal, Maria Ross and....er....the guy who has a similar front hairstyle to Ed XD

Oh yeah I'd like to order a pizza, extra cheese, no peppers and oooh I'll have some icecream for after...

And for Ed fans one final picture!

Yeah I put it together and thought it was too sweet not to put here X3

In other news I got a phonecall from work, they want me to go in at 12pm until 4pm instead of working 10am - 2pm...fair enough to me, means I have a bit more time to do stuff in the morning....what stuff that is I don't know, but at least if I miss Pokémon I don't have to worry about missing the second showing of it XD Anyway I think I'll leave this all here cos I'm tired and need a break from the computer *lol* Enjoy my ramblings!
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