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Thanks to that new Yellow Pages ad, which is also plays on the radio, the first thing I did this morning was sing Magical Trevor.

Also a question to those who have more eBay experience than me.
A seller on eBay (Aillilui) has been selling some Canvas Pokémon plush lately, they always have Buizels which is awesome, I plan to get one sometime this month I think, but they've also been selling the Starly. Anyway the only thing is, where as all the other Canvas plush have a shipping price to the UK for me, the Starly doesn't, it just says "Worldwide", there's a drop list at the bottom, which has a list of countries, but doesn't seem to list the UK (*They do include a shipping price for Europe in the items information*)
So if I wanted this item, would I have to ask them about the shipping price? Just not sure how it's all calculated and stuff XD; I'm so used to just doing buy-it-now and going straight through the process.
EDIT: I sent her a message and she added the UK shipping option for me! YAY Canvas Starly!

Talking of canvas plush I was browsing around Yahoo Japan yesterday and found an auction for a bunch of canvas plush and it seems to be at just... 1 yen, if I'm looking at it right. I was pretty amused at that XD

Looks like I'm definitely going to the Shaymin event in Nottingham on the 18th :D Hee! I can't wait! That's gonna be fun!

Also, clocks went forward for us last night, glad my dad told me or I'd end up going to work late (I...did that once in the first year I was there, luckily I noticed and I was only about 20 minutes late ^^;) I hate losing an hour when the clocks go forward though. Though seeing the clock on my computer go from 12:59am to 2.00am is kinda amusing.

Hm... I really need to give my bedroom another clean before it gets TOO dusty. I also REALLY need to clean out my drawers that's just...full of drawings and paper and writing pads and other junk. If I actually cleaned those out I'd have a place to store stuff like books and DVDs and such. I need to stop being so lazy and a packrat and keep almost everything |p

Been working on my little website too, mostly on the plush section, just uploading pictures and grouping them by make mostly. Also need to update the Togepi section at some point. I'll be doing that after I get the plush section sorted.
Would of tried to get some better photos of them, but my camera needs some new batteries D: Though my brother gave me a bunch of stuff for the other camera I have which I bought off him, including a re-chargeable battery. Maybe I should look at the stuff he gave me and see if it came with a dock for re-charging or something. My other camera, a smaller one that I use more often, I run off lithium batteries as it has no charging dock nor re-chargeable battery XD;
Eh, I'll probably get more of those batteries this week. I think my dad got the last lot from Boots in town and I'm going into town Tuesday.

...sorry for the long boring rambley post XD;
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