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Haha, I haven't slept yet XD Wheee! Funny enough I don't feel all that tired.

Oh yes~ SHAYMIN EVENT IN THE UK! And they really made sure to have a lot of dates and places it takes place too!
http://www.game.co.uk/pokemonevent/#stores - That's the list of stores that are doing it and the dates they're doing the event on!

Unfortunately, I can't make either of the Sheffield dates, I'm WORKING! D: BUT I can make one of the Nottingham ones, the one that's being held at the Victoria Center Game Store on the 18th, which is a Saturday. Tony is interested in coming with me as well, so that's awesome :D But since he's working on Saturday we need to be there early and leave by midday, which is okay since most of the events sound like they're mostly for the kiddies anyway, so a couple of hours is probably all we really need to get the Shaymins and take a look around at what's going on in the store ect.
Since I have both Diamond and Pearl, gonna get a Shaymin for myself and one that'll probably be up for trade to friends if anyone wants it at the time :D

Haaa, if you pre-order Platinum from Game, you get the Giratina figure! I'm tempted, but since it's released on London Expo weekend, I won't be able to get it on the day it's released, so I'm thinking... if I don't cave in and get the import... that I'll pre-order it from amazon.co.uk, so it arrives for when I come home from London :D

Haaa, I've been getting lots of awesome packages all week which have been really putting a smile on my face. I got an armful of plushies in the post yesterday morning and just getting them put me in a rather cheerful mood for the rest of the day, even through work which was a miracle in it's self.
You can check over at the post I made on pkmncollectors for a look into what I've been getting lately XD;

Other than that, not much going on XD I think I should probably get some sleep soon!
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