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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Epsiode 51

Bommer became a Dark Signer... THROUGH RAINBOWS.
Best Dark Signer conversion EVER.

I've come to the conclusion that rainbows are the most strongest thing in the Yu-Gi-Oh world and there is NOTHING THEY CANNOT DO.

Also I do wonder how long Crow was in the fridge thing Oo; Poor guy... he lost his orphans D:

And I wonder how the others could see the spirits of AFD and Regulus and not just Ruka... maybe it's explained I dunno. But hey, Ushio's reaction to them was hilarious XD

And as a final note... I love how protective Yuusei is of the twins <3 He just swooped in and plucked from in front of Demak, who then crumbled into dust because he's no longer being used as a plot device. SORRY DEMAK! BOMMER TOOK YOUR PLACE!
Also how protective Rua is of Ruka is just so cute X3
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