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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Episode 50

Ruka and Rua were so awesome~ X3 Gwah, y'know it's weird, I've seen loads of people's reactions to these last three or so episodes and complaining it was boring, but I LOVED Ruka's little trip through Nania the spirit world, but I guess I'm always the exception when cute characters + awesome monsters are involved. Ruka and Rua are my fav 5D's characters and well... I've always liked it when the series takes a look into the Duel Monster spirit world, it gives the monsters so much more feeling and shows they are, indeed, living beings.

Ancient Fairy Dragon~~! She's so pretty X3 Also I just loved that... Dark Magiciany mage Ruka has been hanging out with in these last few episodes, he was such a little spazz... I don't know his name though ;o;

Next episode we have Crow VS D.Bommer. I've... actually only JUST found out the existence of the 6th Earthbound God, who's name I can't remember, but it's a Dolphin...thing!
I'm glad the spider had a short easy to remember name, since that's the Earthbound God my Dark Signer Juudai has 8D

Haaa, these episodes have been good fuel for Ruka icons... I predict me over-hauling my Ruka account with them.

In other news, work sucks and apparently won't be sorting out the problem with the lockers until Easter! Which I guess isn't THAT long away but just...urgh, annoying :( I shouldn't have to keep leaving my bag at customer service...
And this is all because people keep lockers WHEN THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO! I saw a ton of people on Monday seemingly go home WITH their locker keys ... ¬¬
Seems like they're going back to their old plan of "Everyone buys a locker and that is your locker forever" but before they do that I think they REALLY should get keys for the lockers that actually DON'T have keys and haven't had them for months!
And maybe make it so some of the lockers locks don't stick so it takes you five minutes to get into said locker!

...I'm gonna go back to making Ruka icons now.
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