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Togepi Paradise!


I just like having a website way too much XD This one is free and all images are hosted on photobucket, but it looks like a nice little space :3 I actually signed up for this website probably about a month ago, something like that, just didn't get round to doing anything with it until recently.
It's just nice to have the things I like all neatly arranged in a little website :3
I'll most likely be doing a major update to the Togepi collection page this week! XD

I still have some events to go through for photos, like Amecon 2006, 2007 and 2008, Fuyucon 2007, the Tokyopop Recons I've been to... XD I've got the few photos from the Midlands expo up that I liked enough to put on the site \o/

Other than working on that these past couple of days, I've also restarted my Pokémon Emerald game, just to play while I'm waiting for Platinum to come out over here, which isn't until the end of May, but it'll probably take me that long just to get through Emerald XD I'm taking it slow anyway, and training my team up as much as possible. I struggled with the E4 last time so I'm making sure my team isn't under-leveled.
Team consists mainly of a female Treeko, female Poochyena and male Ralts... also I remember catching a Slakoth and Marill, not sure if they'll be main team Pokes or not yet.
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