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Feeling lost on this road of liiiife

Urgh... I had this huge angsty entry planned and written about work today, but it started getting such a mess, I couldn't be bothered to post it.

In short... I wish I really knew what I wanted to do with my life, then maybe one day I can leave that job for something better, something that I enjoy and that's worth getting up for.

The other day, I wondered if my local college still did animal care courses. If there was a part time or flexible one that I could work around work, I would of gone for it, but... yeah... they don't do animal courses anymore.
Makes me wonder where I'd be now if I had taken that course when it was available, instead of going for the art one, because they got back to me first, only to find I didn't really enjoy it and wasn't like art was at school.
To be honest, I've felt constantly lost in what to do since I left school ten years ago... orz.

I like photography and I like art, drawing cartoony characters mostly obviously, but I only have interest in them as hobbies and don't think I'd ever be good enough in either field for anything professional, no matter what other people tell me. I'm always grateful and happy when someone compliments my artwork, but it does baffle me that they compliment me so highly on 3-5 minute doodles on scrap pieces of paper ^^;

I used to get comments that I'd be good working with children, and I DO like kids (Even though I'm sure I'll never have any of my own) I like most kids more than most adults anyway haha! (Unless the kids are REALLY badly behaved, usually due to the fact that their parents aren't much better...) But I personally don't think I'd be good in any kind of childcare area really... :/

I dunno... I just feel like I really want to DO something or find a path to something better SOMEWHERE but... I just don't know where...

...this entry turned out longer than I meant it too :/

Ah well, on the bright side of things, I should be getting some awesome mail next week (Unless one of the things I'm expecting turns up tomorrow, which is possible, who knows with the mail! XD)
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