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I finished cleaning! :D

Well, I actually finished CLEANING MY ROOM! :D YAAY! and at least my plush have... a little room to grow... sort of XD

It's a miracle, it's clean!

What the desk looks like now!

So some plush ended up on the floor under the desk which I had planned to do. I think over time, any BIG plush I get may go under here, but for the time being, two of my big plush are there plus random UFO Pokémon plush, Digimon ect. I had no where else to put the Digimon D: But I love mixing them in with the Pokémon~

Smaller plush, like Pokédolls, hasbro beanies, canvas plush, Jakks Mini plush, friends plush ect. are on top of the desk, along with my current collection of kids figures and TFG figures, they are watched over by Azelf, Darkrai and Pogo the Dragonite!

On the shelf above the desk we have some Tomy plush, UFOs and various others, these were just the slightly bigger ones that I just didn't put on the floor XD
Also to the right is the Buneary collection!


Next we have my bookshelf, which USED to have my manga on it. Now it's home to a lot of my other random figures plus my Togepi line collection :D
(Also yes, Lion King plush on the top <3)

Togepi line collection!! I have quite a bit of stuff for this coming at some point from many awesome people :D I really can't wait to see how this collection will look when I get them all X3

The middle shelf! This is where most of the smaller random figures are... Chou Get, Zukans, Tomys ect. Also where I'll be putting up art and other various flat things that I get sent :D

Just a better picture of one side of that shelf, where I've stuck up various TCG coins I have. They look pretty~

The top shelf where bigger figures go!

LION KING PLUSHIES~ I love mah Lion King plushies so much X3 I want to get more eventually, but it's not often I get to go to the Disney Store in Meadowhall (And usually the plushies are expensive ;w;) but it would be nice to add some more to it eventually.
The biggest Simba you see (On the left side) I've had since I was about... 13 I think, I love it so much X3 Quite often if I felt upset or something at night, he'd be the one who gets all the hugs and snuggles to make me feel better.

My bed! XD I love that Lion King pillow <3 And also AL PILLOW!

And random photo of my various con badges that are hanging from a shelf along with some windchimes! Amecon 2006, 2007 and 2008 badges, plus Fuyucon 2007 badge!
I do have the Amecon 2006 Gopher badge somewhere, I think it's buried in one of my many drawers under a ton of sketches and crap (Reeaaaallly need to get those drawers sorted out, then I would be able to store stuff in them D:

I really should go to bed now. Work tomorrow D:
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