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I'm so forgettable

Well, I went to the Doctor and waited there for a lot longer than we really should have (My appointment was at 2pm and I'm sure we didn't get in until about 2.40-2.50pm, because they had a computer glitch and ... my appointment didn't show up on the screen v.v Kinda one of those "story of my life" scenarios I think.) we finally got in to see the Doctor, though by this time I was really feeling anxious, because I don't like being in places like that surrounded by people I don't even know ;A;

Luckily it seems my arm IS nothing to worry about and even though she said she can feel it is a little more up under my right arm, it's apparently just the way I've developed there AKA completely normal.

I asked her about my skin complaints and allergies too, most of what she told me I already knew. Looks like the best thing for tackling my dust allergy when cleaning is wearing a mask or something over my face, short of taking over the counter medicines for it anyway. (I cleaned half my room on Saturday and on Sunday it felt almost like I had a cold! I was really stuffed up D|)

Ah well, at least that's over and done with now. Time to go get something to eaaat. I'm starving!
And I should watch 5D's episode 49 as well! :D
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