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Geez, why have I been feeling so tired today z.z I hope I don't feel like this tomorrow, I've got a lot of cleaning and re-arranging to do in my bedroom, though I always enjoy the re-arranging part for some reason 8D

Also, I got a new mood theme! I found this really cute Raichu mood theme so I just had to have it XD Rai Rai!

You give me a character that I play, I fill out the form.

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

I don't even know how I'm gonna answer half these questions haha XD
Tags: meme, tired
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