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Doctor, Doctor

So what does it take to actually get an appointment with a doctor, ey?

About a week ago, I noticed my right armpit seemed more "up" than the left one, it doesn't really feel like a lump, just that's it's more "up" it's hard to explain XD It feels like it's part of my arm but like it's bigger than the other side. After keeping an eye on it for a week, it didn't get any bigger, nor did it go down, so I had my mum check it today and she too can feel a difference. Neither of us really think it's anything to worry about BUT just in case, we decided to get an appointment at the Doctor's booked for me, just to check it out.

I had decided to go for my Grandad's doctor since I really don't like mine BUT... he's on holiday until the week after next....
...so we tried my regular doctor... who was away until Friday next week...
Most other Doctors there seemed to have slots available on Tuesdays which is no good for me. Then LUCKILY we managed to get a Doctor who was free next Wednesday afternoon...

All that, JUST to see a Doctor >.>
But I guess even if this weird swelling or whatever it is goes down (It's not causing any discomfort or pain) then I guess I could always still see her about the suspected eczema on my eye and the eczema that flares up on my hands at different parts of the year v.v


In better news though, I got a replacement for my convention bag, not AS many compartments, but still quite a lot :3 It'll be handy for the London Expo anyway.
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