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Just...er...stuff... XD

Two new LJ Icons:


Man I'm tired and bored and I'm starting to feel all icky from being in front of the computer fro too long (*I'll never learn*) I've been working on and off on an art request all day, tis a picture that requires a LOT of colouring done to it though, I like the way it's coming out though, I'll have to finish it tomorrow, for now I think I'll log off get a drink, maybe read a manga or draw, but I need to try and get up early in the morning to see if I can snag Pokémon AG episode 83 off the Pokémon Encodes channel, I ALMOST got it today but the person I was getting it off ended up leaving the channel -_-;; Blah...
But I want to see Castform and Teams Aqua and Magma ;_;

Where in the hell did this week go? It went by so fast... back to work on Sunday :p
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