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Yeah, I haven't updated in a while, mostly been working and Friday/Saturday were particularly annoying but it was pretty much busy typical weekend annoying XD I don't usually work Saturdays but they offered me some overtime, only ended up working 4 extra hours but hey all counts in the end!

But today was a particularly grating shift. Usually Mondays are fine, a bit long and slow, but never really annoying, it's usually a calm shift.
I dunno, but today seemed all over the place!
When I first got to work I ended up finding out we had no lockers spare... AGAIN. Yes we're having locker troubles again, even after getting more and them claiming there was now "enough for everyone". Though problem is, half of them don't work, don't have keys, or are generally just too stiff to work. I get the feeling people are keeping lockers again when they shouldn't be >.> The numbers of lockers have slowly dwindled down and we haven't had any large amount of new starters so...
Anyway after going to personal, one of the ladies in there kindly gave me her locker to use as she was leaving soon! YAY!
Anyway shift, as I said, just seemed hectic and all over the place, then comes break time, which had to be my least satisfying break I have ever had.
First I had a customer ask where something was before I reached the back, which is fine, it's what I'm there for XD But even though I knew the general area this item was in, I couldn't find it! I ended up having to ask the girl on the bakery, turns out they were just down the next aisle!
Oookay, problem solved, into the back I go....
...and I spend 5 minutes trying to get my back out of my locker as the lock had jammed...
After FINALLY getting my bag out and failing to find another better locker to put it in, I just went into the canteen taking my bag with me, kinda had a bit of my moan to my supervisor who was on her break but she was having a bad day too ^^;

Then not too long after I had settled down to eat a sandwich, my nose started bleeding!
*Double headdesk*
At first it wasn't so bad, then it started getting worse, so I spent a good 5 or 10 minutes trying to sort that out v.v
It was kind of one thing after the other and you just have to put all that on top of the fact that I've been feeling tired and crampy all day PLUS my right eye hasn't been too great recently (It's got dry skin on the eyelid *Possible eczema I suspect*) and so it's been feeling kinda dry and crusty and itchy blaaaaaah.

Luckily the rest of my shift wasn't too bad. I got to do the left behinds which is what I like to do on the later half of my shifts if I can :3 Gets me off the tills and walking about which I like. A lot of the supervisors like me doing it too since I know where everything goes more or less and can trust me to get it done.

Ah well, I have the next three days off and I feel like I need them! Though I do have the charity shop tomorrow, hoping that goes more smoothly than my actual job has!
I'm gonna be going into town with my mum on Wednesday, to go up to the market to look for a bag like my convention bag I had (The pinky purple one that had a ton of compartments!) since I got that from the market too, unfortunately since they're cheap, they don't last long ^^;
I also need to get some plastic containers with lids in order to store things under my bed, like possibly my DVDs that I don't watch very often! Then I can maybe spread out my Pokémon collection a bit more under the desk as well as on top XD I NEED MORE ROOOOOM!
Need to clean this damn room too :< That's another thing for this week I think!

Other than that, my London Expo tickets came last week!! I'm really looking forward to that :D I'm actually tempted to make another Drifloon balloon, like the one I took to Amecon last year and maybe walk around with it on the Saturday, I'm sure a lot of people will get a kick out of it! It was quite a hit at Amecon so it'll be nice to try that again 8D I'm thinking if I can get some yellow trousers and shirt (Or white and dye yellow) I might make a gijinka-ish Pichu outfit for wearing on the Sunday, I think that'd be fun :3 Just need to look out for things I can use.
At least for a Gijinka outfit, you have a LOT of freedom on what clothes you wear pretty much XD
I think that's pretty much everything, update wise! XD

EDIT: OH! Midlands expo videos are pretty much up on my Youtube account!
Also check out Tony's account too as he has videos of most of the event (And yes I am in them! XD)
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