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I finally got my hair cut today! Gosh it's so short at the moment! XD Hairdressers always make me weirdly uncomfortable though, I guess it's just me being shy little me, but I'm always so quiet and don't understand half the stuff they say when they start asking me about hair related things. I tend to not really care much about hairstuff outside of the simple "wash, brush, dry" XD It's like they asked me HOW I wanted my hair drying and I instantly thought "There's different ways to DRY it!?" XD

Hee, Midlands Expo in a few days! That's gonna be fun! X3 Gonna have to pretty much go to bed very early though, since we have to leave early in the hopes of getting down there by the time it opens. I wanted to take my Pikachu bag, but I need to make sure to bring something to eat and such so chances are I'll have to bring my other bag instead, since Pika!bag can't fit much in him!
Hoping I won't spend TOO much there, but I am hoping United Publications have brought along the 2nd box set to Diamond and Pearl, they had a few Pokémon DVD box sets at Ame last year. If not I'll probably order it from their site eventually.
If anyone is selling trading cards too, might pick up some Platinum cards as well :3

Also I got this just yesterday:
Official shiny Buneary figure~ X3
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