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Is that a Doctor in my Pokeymonz!?

Well back to work today! (That week went by quick)
Also midlands expo next Saturday! Hee! I can't wait X3

Also something amusing for you peeps that was originally mentioned by growly in a post on the Pokemon collectors community, but I was way too amused by this so I had to post it here as I know some of you will probably find this amusing too! XD

On the left is Looker (Handsome) who's a new character that was introduced in the Pokémon Platinum game, a detective type-character investigating Team Galactic, on the right is the Doctor.
Resemblance much?

This goes to show that if you mess with Time and Space, the Doctor is there, always.

Gah, it's too bad you can't name him in the game, I would so call him "The Doctor" now D:


Also RP Meme

"Ask about any of my characters, specifically, what they currently think of any of your characters. I'll respond with as much tl;dr as I can on it. If the characters haven't actually met yet, I'll put down what I think they will think. Optionally, afterwards, you respond with the other side, what said character of yours thinks of mine."

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