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Feeling better + Collection re-arranging!

Well, at least I'm feeling a bit better. My sore throat seems to be gradually going away, or at least it hasn't felt as bad today (Though still rather painful) and I haven't been feeling as run down.
Crazy throat of mine @_@

I was well enough to go and re-arrange my Pokémon collection yet again in preperation for some stuff arriving 8D;


I'm kinda running out of space in this corner of my room, I wish my dad would actually decorate the spare room so I can move them in there. But thank goodness for UFO plushies and the strings they have so you can hang them up 8D Though pushing the tacks into the wall proved to be quite painful D8

I should go to sleep now XD
Tags: plushie, pokémon, sick, sore throat
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