PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

A day out, a swollen eye... all in good fun XD

YAY! I went to magna today, it wasn't as good as I remembered it but it was still fun, too bad what pictures I took of the fire tornado didn't come out very well but never mind.
They also had this show running today named "The Dark" the way it was explained it sounded fun and creepy, you get put in pitch darkness with sounds coming from all around you, sounded scary but it wasn't, disapointing in a way, but it was supposed to tell you the story of the slave trade not scare people with horror flick like things but that would have been much better the only scary thing about it was the fear of havning people bump into you as there was me and my dad in it as well as a special needs school and their teachers, so there were quite a number of people.

Afterwards we went to my auntie and uncles house where I decided to take pictures of their cat, can't remember his name I think it's Skivy or something...it was my cousins cat at one point and I think he was named after someone from the Lord of the Rings. Little rascal kept trying to bite and claw me for fun XD Then my animal allergies set in and cos I rubbed my itchy eye too much it's now slightly swollen.

You'd think that would teach me but nope I love animals too much to keep away from them XD

Other news is that I dont think I'm gonna risk getting Subbed FMA through Bit torrent anymore, one of the fansub groups took down their torrents for it and mention something about FUNimation in their forums, although they're not all too clear on it X_x; If that nebs TV site carries on uploading them (*Raw or subbed*) then I'll just watch it there.

Gonna go through the cat pictures now and upload the best to DA X3 Talking of DA....I need to go through my messages O_O;
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