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Rambling about Bunnies and Snow

Y'know, I don't know what it is about Buneary that makes me want to collect so many plushies of her! Well, other than the fact Bunearys are adorable XD I dunno, I guess there's just a lot of Buneary plushies that appeal to me, some appeal more than others. At the moment I'm concentrating on the Jakks plushies, I found the most recent-ish one on ebay (*That's sat down and has it's hands to it's face*) and the older Jakks one that's stood up is on there too, but I'll get that one at a later date I think.
There's a talking Buneary Jakks plush too but GEEZ the one seller I've found it with, and the shipping was almost as high as the plush itself XD; Er.. no. The plush itself wasn't cheap as it was, I've been hearing the talking plushes are quite hard to get, but I'm not as fussed about the talking Jakks one really.

Though I do find it funny that out of all the Buneary plushies there are, the Jakks ones always have a :< face, there all the Japanese ones are like :3! But the :< faces just make me want them more because they look like they need hugs!!

I'm still waiting for my canvas collection Buneary to arrive :< I think it might of gotten caught up in the international post backlog. I'm hoping for it to come sometime this week.

Right now it's only really a dusting, just covering the street. I know some of the weather people have been going nuts over how SEVERE this weather may be, but we rarely ever get anywhere near decent snow falls where I live now, which makes me sad D:
What would probably make me even more sad is if we do get a decent amount, because I'm at work tomorrow!! ;o; (Well technically later today since it's Monday right now but!!) I want to play in the snow and take pretty photos and build Pokémon snow sculptures!!
Ah well XD Least it looks pretty, especially now, even though it's only a light covering, it still looks pretty when it's undisturbed |3

Ah, geez, I'm feeling way tired, should really go to bed XD
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