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First of all, I got your package Vande! :D Heeee! Thank you so so so much ;o; The little figures are so adorable (*YAY! Johto Pokémon! I loves Johto Pokémon! The Togepi is so adorable too <3*) Also cards! Especially the Japanese cards!! <3 I especially love Lt. Surge's Raichu X3 This has definitely cheered me up after my last few weeks of suckiness.

Really need to do a bit of cleaning in my room today, tempted to re-arrange my Pokémon collection again (Cos I love doing that) Thinking of moving the DVDs from my top shelf and just storing them somewhere, so the top shelf and the bottom one can be for my collection. I need to find a way to store my cards so it's easy to add newer cards when I get them. In folders were okay, but since I had arranged them in alphabetical order by Pokémon name, when I got new cards I had to re-arrange it to fit them in, which was a bit annoying. Hm, maybe if I was to index them in a box or plastic tub, that would probably work :3

Also, I don't have to worry too much about the mail now, as my dad has fixed a temporary letterbox onto the middle of our door. Though I still have to get up since I'm expecting a plushie from Japan, though when that'll get here I don't know, apparently the international post is suffering a bit of Christmas backlog, so that's why my Pokédoll package from Gin took two weeks instead of a week XD
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