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So, our door will be fixed a week from now. At least I'm in to get the post everyday until Thursday, that day might be a problem since the post comes so late. Though we haven't been getting much through the post lately anyway. Still, gonna have to talk to my dad about that. We might have to ask our neighbour if any post we get that day can be posted through his door instead.

Oh! A few days ago (Tuesday) I actually got my Bidoof and Cresselia Pokédolls! Heee~ They're so cute X3 I've been spending a lot recenetly on Pokémon stuff XD; But I guess that's what happens when I find stuff that I really want and jumped on when I could XD Ah well~ Least I'll have some nice stuff coming eventually! Including a rare and official shiny Buneary figure!! God, I'm so happy I managed to win her X3

Nothing much else to report on today.
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