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I have never been so scared than I was tonight.

Just before midnight we had some random guy shouting and banging on our front door, trying the handle and all sorts, this escalated to him trying to punch and kick our door and windows in. He kept shouting for us to let him him, he was completely off his head on something.
I kept pleading with my dad to call the police but he was trying to stop the guy from getting through our door, so I called them, first time I've ever had to call 999 before, god I was frantic but I managed to stay calm enough to actually give them the details. But I kept telling them I was scared ;~~;
Luckily, despite the cops had come from LANGOLD (Which is a fair distance) they got here pretty quickly, though by this time the guy had kicked in our letterbox and was trying his very best to kick the door in. At one point he even had his ARM through the hole in the door. My dad was pretty much ready to leave the house through our back door, but I was so scared and crying I couldn't really move, I was scared if we did that that he'd go around and get us.

But the cops came, the arrested him and one of the cops came back later to take a statement, mostly from my dad, but I sat in on it. Apparently the guy was found in possession of (a lot of) crack cocaine and some weed.

Apparently there was a second guy (According to the cops), but by the sounds of it he wasn't with the guy kicking in our door, as apparently he had pointed out the guy to the cops as they arrived, saying "He's here", but dissapeared shortly afterwards. Might of been one of our neighbours, or a random passerby, not sure.

Either way, I'm not sleeping tonight.

Photos of the damage taken just after the cops arrested the guy. We were damn lucky our windows and door held out as well as they did.

Oh god, I was already scared enough when out of the house, now I don't feel safe in my house either.
I hate this stupid world and all the horrible things in it, I really am. I never feel safe these days at all and it's all thanks to these selfish, horrible people. People who shout and swear and shout abuse and abuse others all in some drunken drug fulled rage. I hate these people.
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