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Since you're probably all sick of me hearing about my cold, here's a little picture I'm working on that I drew yesterday! (And did the lineart today) Mostly to keep me occupied as I was hella bored.


Just a little something I felt like drawing. I felt it would be nice to have some fanart of Lopunny on the interwebz that puts it in more of a better role rather than the fanart I see of it with huge breasts and in rather suggestive poses :| So in the end I chose a mother. Trust me to prefer the adorable, huh? ;3 She's got a very hyper-active and wiggly baby Buneary!

I'm hoping I'll be less slumpy with art, I really need to do finished pictures more XD; I doodle all the time and I think my scrapbook on dA is starting to get close to over-taking my main gallery with the number of pictures in it ^^;
Still need to finish the Shinx picture I drew like... two months ago or something.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/Art%20Stuff/Sketches%20and%20Doodles/loppybunny-s.jpg - The sketch version of the Lopunny and Buneary picture :D
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