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Just phoned into work to tell them I won't be coming in. I braved yesterday at work but my throat got so sore talking on the checkout it actually hurt to talk, that and I was just feeling so icky I wasn't paying attention to anything, and it's affecting my ears so I couldn't hear people very well either. I'd rather have Friday and Saturday to get over it then go back Sunday. (They want me to phone Saturday to tell them if I'll be going back Sunday or not)

Gwah, I hate talking on phones so much ;A; I stutter a lot on them because I get so nervous and it really makes it sound like I'm lying I swear!! DX I mean they patched me through to the checkout manager and the first thing she asked was "How are you feeling?" and I was all "hjsdfshfhgfhgfhs .... I has a bad cold ;A;"

I only phone in sick when I feel it's absolutely necessary, I know if I went today it would be 6 hours of being miserable and being in a ton of PAAAIN from my throat. All I feel like doing is sleeping ;o;

Still waiting for some Pokédolls to come in the mail, but I got an awesome book of awesome today. A Pokémon Visual Guide which goes through a bunch of characters and major plot bits and stuff through the entire Pokémon series, right up to roughly where the US is now with episodes :3 Gonna read that later when I don't feel like my head is making the words mash together orz.
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