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Might be going somewhere tomorrow! YAY!

Wheeee! My dad says we might be going out tomorrow if he doesn't feel so crappy after being to the dentist X3 We'll be going to Magna, tis like a science thingy but it makes it fun! I think I Mentioned that I wanted to take a photo of the fire tornado there X3 *hopes she's allowed too*

Oh and he mentioned something else about some "Earth center" or whatever it was called which also isn't too far away, apparnetly it has gardens YAY! More photos for me to take...
....kinda makes me wish I had a memory card for my camera X_x;
Not sure if we're going to both in the same day or not.

Oh and I went and had my hair cut today, now it's just to my jawline X3 I prefer it that short...
....although it annoyed me when some random guy I didn't even KNOW asked me if he could take me for a drink on the way home >_< I dunno why I find that offensive, I guess most girls would think of it as a compliment but I'm not the type to take up a stranger's offer of a drink (*Especially when they look kinda dodgy*) -_-;; Call it Paranoia but these days you just don't trust random strangers like that and it's that paranoia that will most likely keep me single for the rest of my damn life, which I ain't too bothered about...
I wouldn't of minded if it was someone I knew asking me for a drink, but a random dodgy looking stranger....er....no...

Meh, I'm tired.... me need sleep *Falls over and sleeps*
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