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Well, I don't think it's the flu I have, thank goodness, or I'd be laying in bed right now not able to move :D; Seems like it's probably just a cold, but I still feel kinda lousy, the lousy feeling is on and off and at the moment I've mostly just got the sore throat (*Though not as sore as yesterday!*) but it's kinda in my ears too, so those keep being painful at times, rawr.
Called in sick to the charity shop today, just so I can relax and hope I'm over the worst of it for Thursday and Friday which are my next work shifts at work.

Dad hasn't started decorating the spare room yet, he's STILL got to take all the junk in there to the tip, but I think he's at least gone through it himself now and HOPEFULLY will take it this weekend .__.

Oh, something I haven't mentioned here yet. My webspace will be no more once the current time on it runs out (*around mid-late March*). Turns out Lycos are gonna be discontinuing their webhosting service and are working out a way for people to go with some other company. My site was costing me WAY too much anyway and I could never figure out how to downgrade the package I was on. I'll miss having my own webspace, but it was too much for how little I used it.

Duel Box scans are currently being uploaded to Photobucket, I'll probably upload my con photos on a photobucket account too. Just gotta stop being lazy and do that XD;
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