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Fruits Basket and other....er....stuff XD

Dude! I was randomly downloading Fruits Basket tunes off WinMX and my uncomplete downloads of two episodes from the first Yu-Gi-Oh season just started downloading O_O They've been sat uncomplete for months *lol* Too bad one is going real slow and will take 5+ hours to get unless it speeds up but I ain't stopping the download it's rare to be able to get these as it is, now I get to see the endings to both these episodes X3

Oh and I got a lovely package of manga in the post today X3 The ones I ordered from Amazon arrived and I dunno which one to read first, though I think I might pick D.N.Angel since it's been said to be a great manga ^^
Also got the second volume to the Fruits basket DVDs and loved every episode *_* I feel sorry for Hatori ;_; and I think that Akito guy is mean, very very mean, the flashback where he denys Hatori to be able to get married to some girl, hurts Hatori's eye by flinging some temper tantrum then screaming at the girl that it was all her fault he got hurt emotinally cripping her really was upsetting ;_; And man the DVD had to end with that Akito guy being in the next episode (*Episode 13*) Guess I'll have to wait for the next DVD to come out to see it XD
But yes Akito guy = Ebil-ness ;_;
Momiji is a cute widdle bunny rabbit X3
I like Haru too XD
Damn I like the whole cast, what's not to like about them, I even like Akito's ebil-ness and apparent emotinal problems XD

Oh well I'll probably stay up all night while one of my Yu-Gi-Oh eppies is downloading, good thing I have no work this week XD
Oh and here are three new LJ icons for yous:

Have fun with those XD I'm currnetly using the Momiji one as an avatar on Pokémopolis cos I was getting bored of having insane Naruto there XD I'll probably make a bunch more Fruits Basket and Yu-Gi-Oh releated ones, I have a bunch of pictures I wanna use XD

Okay I should stop rambling now XD
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