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Oh wow awesome O_O

I finished watching Doctor Who series 4.

Oh god, poor Donna. She wanted to stay with him, but she was forced to forget everything and never remember the Doctor again or she'll die ;A; That's so sad (I cried ;o;)
Gwah the ending episodes were so fantastic though! I love how they brought back his companions and stuff for the finale, that was just so...EPIC. I mean you had old and new just working together!
Rose got her Doctor though, haha~ Okay so it's a Doctor who only has one heart and can age, but I think that's a good thing, she'll be happy with him I'm sure~
Wow, just wow.

Still, poor Donna ;o; I actually really liked Donna's character. How firey and fiesty she was and how much she just LOVED travelling with the Doctor, to lose all that not by choice, but by force beyond anyone's control... it's heartbreaking D:

I'm looking forward to the specials next year though X3

Eh, New Year here isn't for a while yet, but meh *shrugs*
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