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Various Updates!

I didn't mean to sleep as long as I did today X__X I went to bed at about half two this morning and I didn't get up until about... half an hour ago, maybe a bit more. That's like... about 12 hours of sleep? Granted I was in and out of it since about 10am, but the bed was too damn comfy and I just didn't feel like getting up D:
Oh well, I'll be getting up early these next three days so... :/

Anyway, I haven't been up to much. I finally finished the main story on the 2nd Pokémon Ranger game! I also have the three event Pokémon from the three currently available missions :3 AURA USING RIOLU IS MINE! God, I wish I could name the little guy. I have the makings of a Darkrai army now too. Well, I have three Darkrai's now 8D I'm hoping when Platinum is released over here, we'll get the ability to catch Darkrai in-game like Japan are getting the chance to (*Same with Shaymin as well*) A legit and nick-nameable Darkrai and Shaymin would be awesome X3
I'm planning to get Platinum when it comes out in the US :D

I started by Christmas/New Year viewing of the 4th Doctor Who series, which I bought just before Christmas :3 I'm enjoying it so far~!

And I think that's pretty much all I've been doing, except officially starting back at work, which was yesterday. Wasn't a bad shift or anything, customer flow was kinda steady. Not really looking forward to the New Years shifts if only because New Years Eve will probably be insanely busy and EVERYONE will be buying alcohol and New Years Day will probably be dead.
All my shifts are back to normal from next week though it looks like and I can look forward to the beginning of February when I have a week off, YAY!

I also have my first London Expo to look forward to this coming May, which I'm going to instead of an anime con this year, since all the anime cons are in places I can't get to very easily ;o; I also might be going to the Midlands expo in Feb! Just need to get my tickets for both events~

Also, just in case I don't get the chance/I'm to lazy to write again until after the new year, I hope you all have a great time and wish you all a wonderful 2009! ^o^ You're all awesome! Remember that!
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